Beris Comfort Swales Bit - 10290

The Comfort bar is characterized by a slight bow designed to fit anatomically correct to rest equally on the tongue and bars to offer more room & mobility for the tongue. When pulled upon this bit will apply pressure evenly throughout the mouth eliminating any lateral squeezing of the tongue and bars. The Comfort bar is ideal for young and sensitive horses as well as satisfying the needs of many different horses. The Swales is a unique design similar to a Pelham but removes the poll pressure as the bridle cheeks attach to the loose cheek rings that float on the bar of the bit. The minimal poll pressure emphasizes the amount of pressure on the lower jaw from the curb chain causing a lifting action. The bit is used on horses who are very heavy on the forehand and tend to drive downward instead of opening up the shoulders and moving off the forehand. This bit is meant for experience riders.

Available in Soft or Hard and 5" or 5.5"  - The width of this mouthpiece fits slightly smaller than the other bits due to the Swales rings and Bit Guards. We recommend ordering a size up if your horse currently uses a tight 5" bit.
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Beris Comfort Swales Bit - 10290


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