Walsh Expands Dealer Sales Reach

Walsh Products would like to thank our Retailers for their loyalty and continued support of our products. Walsh has recently launched a new e-commerce initiative designed to support our dealers. Sales generated on our new website will be fulfilled by our local retailers. We are partnering with Shopatron to offer our general consumers the ability to purchase directly from our website. Those orders will be fulfilled by our local dealers.

The Walsh Company: 100 Years in Harness

This year, the Walsh Company, one of the elite harness manufacturing companies in the world, will join such American industry icons as Exxon Mobil, Johnson & Johnson, and Coca-Cola in celebrating at least 100 years of being in business.

According to Yale University professor Richard Foster, the average life expectancy of companies today is about 15 years, which makes Walsh's recent achievement all the more impressive, but not surprising to those who use their products.

"It's a true testament to the quality of their workmanship," said trainer Tony Alagna, a longtime customer of Walsh and conditioner of champions such as Captaintreacherous and My MVP. "Nobody stays around for that long without putting out a great product."

Excellence and innovation have defined the company since the very beginning, back in 1914.

Governor Walker attends Walsh Products centennial celebration

Paul and Thea Treiber, owners of Walsh Products in Brookfield, have built their business around the quality horse products they sell.

That is how the business has been in operation for 100 years.

"We are proud of what we do and really, that is how we have managed to be in business for 100 years, we are tried and true," said Thea. "Our customers know that they will be able to come back to Walsh several years from now and we are still going to be here making the same products, and that speaks volumes for who we are."