Walsh products has a long and rich heritage of producing peerless products known for their craftsmanship, longevity and ease of use. Founded in 1914 by James Walsh, the company grew to prominence by developing distinctive products like the innovative Walsh No-Buckle Harness. Our current leadership took the reins in 2001 when Paul Treiber purchased the company. A successful business man and horseman, Paul leads with a strong desire to maintain the Walsh tradition of workmanship and friendly, efficient customer service.

Walsh brand products are manufactured at our Brookfield, Wisconsin facility. We are proud of the loyalty of Walsh’s associates who craft our products. Many have over twenty years of seniority. Supporting their loyalty, talent and experience are proven, unique manufacturing techniques. This combination continues to build upon our reputation for superior craftsmanship.

We also believe that corporate citizenship must include a concern for environmental sustainability. Our primary sources for our leather products are produced using natural vegetable tanning techniques. This environmentally conscious process provides a superior quality product without releasing harmful pollutants into the environment.

Walsh Products will aspire to outperform and always strive to exceed customer expectations. We will continue to be the premier manufacturer of Standardbred and Equestrian products in the world. Our service level will be significantly better than any other manufacturer in our markets. We will continue to develop and market products that meet the changing needs and desires of our customers. We will maintain an efficient system of on time delivery for our customers. Our management team is committed to achieving value for our customers, leadership in our work environment, and excellence as a team dedicated to the future success of Walsh Products. All decisions, representations and operations will be made with moral and ethical integrity.