History of Tradition & Excellence


Founded in 1914 in Milwaukee, WI by James Walsh, the company grew to prominence by developing distinctive products like the innovative Walsh No-Buckle Harness. The introduction of the harness made field work much easier for farmers as well as those who used horses for other jobs. James scientifically tested his leather harness the same as steel mills tested for tensile strength in order to prove that a Walsh Harness would outlast the competitor so frequently. He continued to innovate and modify his designs to accommodate modern ideas as well as demonstrate the money saving investment on purchasing a harness that would need far less repair as it aged.

Walsh continued to serve the community as automobiles took over and the horse and plow era became the mainstream. We continued to prosper by expanding our reach to many forms of leather goods that serve not only the equine but the general community as well. The in the 1940’s, Walsh diversified into the Standardbred Racing market and grew into the world’s largest harness maker. We are proud that we have continued to retain that title and service racing enthusiasts across the globe. The original leather harness have technologically advanced with the times by using state of the art materials proven to last longer with low maintenance. We continue the tradition started by James Walsh in providing the industry with established techniques that outlast the competition.

In 1995, Walsh introduced the Equestrian Catalog. Expanding to an entirely new community in the hunter/jumpers. With the attitude that the Equestrian field may not know us, Walsh continued to prosper with their entirely new line. We never changed our standard of perfection using the finest materials with old world craftsmanship which is why Walsh has become a leader in the equine industry. We continue to expand to and are determined to make our experience, imagination and know how work for you in the equestrian field.

International sponsored riders, canine products, hunter/jumper training equipment and much more came onto the scene in 2012. Quality, Reliability, and Durability is a point of pride for us which is why we take care in fashioning our new ventures to not only innovate within the industries we are involved with but to also expand our reach so that others may also indulge in Walsh products. We will continue to contribute to winning performances globally and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate 100 years with all the Walsh enthusiasts. Thank you for your continued support!