Beris Port Pelham Bit - 10250

Pelham Bit

Shank Length
Mouth Piece

The Port allows enough room for the horse's tongue to fit comfortably under the flattened area of the port. Relaxation and chewing are a common reaction to this bit which is perfect for horses that won't tolerate tongue pressure who often react with excessive head shaking. The Pelham is a classic bit with a more elegant, refined design. Pressure on the lower jaw and poll vary depending on the length of the shank and adjusting the angle of the bit. The long shanks (7cm) provide strong leverage with a delayed, sharp reaction. The short shanks (5cm) work more direct with a quick, less harsh reaction. The Pelham is designed for horse that have difficulties coming though the bit, "sultry" horses, horses that need sharp correction in critical situations, or for hard to control young horses. 

*Non-Returnable Item*

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