The pioneering of the famous Walsh No-Buckle Harness was developed in a nonconventional way. In the fall of 1904, James M. Walsh, a research worker in Washington, D.C., returned to his father’s farm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for brief visit. During his stay, while walking across a plowed field, he was attracted to a piece of harness leather that was damaged by a plow a few hours prior. Curious of its remaining longevity, he picked up the piece of leather and cut it in two with a pocket knife; to his amazement, the stitching and leather remained strong, but the buckles and rings were tearing at the ends! As Mr. Walsh made this discovery, his younger brother appeared, teasing him about the ability to make a harness that would “last for life”. To this reply, Mr. Walsh decided to take on that challenge and create a harness that would indeed last a lifetime. 

Originally named The James M. Walsh Company, the creation of the first working harness without buckles and rings appeared on the market in 1914. Walsh immediately grew to prominence and this new invention revolutionized the harness industry. Mr. Walsh scientifically tested his leather harness the same as steel mills tested for tensile strength in order to prove that a Walsh Harness would outlast the competitor so frequently. He continued to innovate and modify his designs to accommodate modern ideas as well as demonstrate the money saving investment on purchasing a harness that would need far less repair as it aged.

To this day, Walsh Products is proud to continue to uphold Mr. Walsh's legacy in creating quality and durable products that will last. We never changed our standard of perfection and by using the finest materials, alongside the art of old world craftsmanship, Walsh has become a leader in the equine industry.