Yannick Gingras


Harness Racing Driver

Born: Canada

Current Hometown:  Allentown, New Jersey

Years Driving/Racing: 18 years

Favorite Track: Meadowlands

Favorite Track:Greatest Accomplishment: "Our three kids."

Favorite Walsh Product: "I love their whips!"


Jody Jamieson

Harness Racing Driver

Born: Canada

Current Hometown:  Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Years Driving/Racing: 23 years

Favorite Track: "I think my greatest accomplishment was winning the Little Brown Jug in straight heats and also setting world records with Warrawee Needy and Putonashow. - Woodbine-Mohawk Park!"

Greatest Accomplishment: "2007 Little Brown Jug"

Favorite Walsh Product: "48” black whip w/12 inch popper"


Doug McNair

Harness Racing Driver

Born: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Current Hometown: Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Years Driving/Racing: 10 years

Favorite Track: Meadowlands or Mohawk

Greatest Accomplishment:  "Winning the O’Brien award in 2017."

Favorite Walsh Product: "Can’t use any other whips, they just don’t feel right. The Walsh harness is the most durable harness in all of racing. I love going on the track when a trainers is using the Walsh harness!"


Marcus Melander

Harness Racing Driver

Born: Sweden

Current Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Years Driving/Racing: "13 years but I started driving ponies when I was eight and moved onto the horses when I was sixteen. I have had horses my whole life."

Favorite Track: Solvalla

Greatest Accomplishment: "I feel really lucky that at 21 I have been able to drive in many big finals with more to come. Being young and the ability to compete at the highest levels is a big accomplishment for me"

Favorite Walsh Product: "It’s simple: Walsh represents Quality in Harness Racing"


Mattias Melander


Harness Racing Driver

Born: Sweden

Current Hometown: New Egypt, New Jersey

Years Driving/Racing: 7 Years

Favorite Track: "Solvalla and Meadowlands gotta be my two favorite tracks can’t choose one over the other."

Greatest Accomplishment: "When I won my first race in America and actually made it two wins that day felt special."

Favorite Walsh Product:  "I can’t choose one there all so good and you can’t find better quality anywhere."


Aaron Merriman


Harness Racing Driver

Born: United States of America

Current Hometown: Northfield, Ohio 

Years Driving/Racing: 19 years

Favorite Track: "Biased to my two home tracks, Northfield Park - The Meadows. But any track I'm driving good horses and winning races."

Greatest Accomplishment: "Becoming a Father is my greatest accomplishment. But racing wise and just winning the next race is accomplishing something."

Favorite Walsh Product:  " The harnesses!  When I got my first horse my father made me get my first harness. He wanted to make sure I showed him how to take care of it. That harness still looks and performs like new. I only use Walsh BLACK whips. I've found that they suit me the best over my years of racing. Durable and flexible!"


Marcus Miller

Harness Racing Driver

Born: United States of America

Current Hometown: Meadowlands, Poconos, Chester

Years Driving/Racing: 2008 to Current

Favorite Track: "The Illinois State Fair in Springfield!"

Greatest Accomplishment: "Being the leading driver at Balmoral & Maywood in the same year"

Favorite Walsh Product: "It’s simple: Walsh represents Quality in Harness Racing"


Brian Sears


Harness Racing Driver

Born: United States of America



Tim & Trace Tetrick

Harness Racing Driver / Trace Tetrick

Born: United States of America

Current Hometown: Anderson, IN

Years Driving/Racing: "I started driving at fairs in Illinois when I was sixteen and after two years I received my paramutuel license when I was eighteen"

Favorite Track: "My favorite place to race would have to be Hoosier Park but also a tie for second would be the Red Mile and Delaware, OH"

Greatest Accomplishment: "Most memorable moment was when I won the American nation for three year old pacing colts with Our Lucky Chip"


Harness Racing Driver / Tim Tetrick

Born: United States of America

Current Hometown: "My family and I live on a 12 acre farm in Woolwich Twp, NJ"

Years Driving/Racing: "I was born and raised into a harness racing family. I started driving county fairs in the summer of 1998 and Fairmont Park (para-mutuals) in 2000."

Favorite Track: "I love the atmosphere of the Meadowlands, but anywhere I can win a race is good with me."

Greatest Accomplishment: "My family means everything to me but I still can’t believe I won a Hambletonian"

Favorite Walsh Product: "Walsh products continuously impress me. They are innovative but withhold traditional horsemanship. As far as personal favorites, no other whip compares."


 Johan Untersteiner

Harness Racing Driver

Current Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Years Driving/Racing: 11 years

Favorite Track: Solvalla

Greatest Accomplishment: "World Record with Giant Diablo at the Red Mile 2007. 3 wins in European Championship for 3 year-olds and 2 wins in the Breeder’s Crown."

Favorite Walsh Product: "I think Walsh always have the best products for the horse. Everything fits good and the quality is outstanding!"


Ronnie Wrenn, Jr

Harness Racing Driver

Born: United States of America

Current Hometown: Northfield, OH

Years Driving/Racing: 5 years

Favorite Track: "I enjoy racing on a half mile because it fits my aggressive style of driving."

Greatest Accomplishment: "Winning 10 races in one race card, and hopefully leading the nation in wins this year."

Favorite Walsh Product: "I love all the products that Walsh makes. All the racing equipment is durable and made to last."