Cian O'Connor

Irish Show Jumper

Country: Ireland

Sport: Show Jumping

Scott Brash

U.K. Show Jumper

Country: United Kingdom

Sport: Show Jumping

Favorite Walsh Product: "My favorite Walsh product would probably be the Shipping Halter for traveling with the horses. They look so comfortable for them!"

Why it's my favorite: "I love Walsh products because of its great quality and a lot is thought out for the comfort of the horse which I like and there is a fantastic range of products!!"


Laura Kraut

U.S Show Jumper; 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist

Country: USA

Sport: Show Jumping

Favorite Walsh Product: "It's really hard to choose a favorite as I use a lot of the products on a daily basis but the Draw Reins with Rope are outstanding!"

Why it's my favorite: "Walsh's dedication to innovation does not sacrifice the quality and craftsmanship that goes into the products they make. They are long lasting and outstanding!"



      Kent Farrington

      U.S Show Jumper

      Country: Wellington, FL

      Sport: Show Jumping

      Favorite Walsh Product: The Walsh British Halter

      Why it's my favorite: "They are a classic that I have always had and they look great as well as last for a very long time!"



        Lorenzo DeLuca

        Italian Show Jumper

        Country: Italy

        Sport: Show Jumping

        Favorite Walsh Product: Training Surcingle

        Why it's my favorite: "The quality of their equipment is top of the line. The training equipment lasts a long time and still looks nice."


        Tiffany Foster

        Canadian Show Jumper

        Country: Canada

        Sport: Show Jumping

        Favorite Walsh Product: British Halter

        Why it's my favorite: "I use one on every horse I have and they are excellent quality and last forever… sometimes the halter outlasts the nameplates! My favorite thing about Walsh products is definitely the quality craftsmanship and the longevity of the products."


        Darragh Kenny

        Irish Show Jumper

        Country: Ireland

        Sport: Show Jumping

        Favorite Product: Curb Chain

        Why it's my favorite: "I think they are the best on the market strong, durable, and look great!"


        Sergio Alvarez Moya

        Spanish Show Jumper

        Country: Spain

        Sport: Show Jumping

        Favorite Walsh Product: Synthetic Sheepskin Girths and the Sport Boots

        Why it's my favorite: "The products are so easy to use and so nice for the horses!"


        Ben Maher

        British Show Jumper

        Country: Britain

        Sport: Show Jumping


        McLain Ward

        American Show Jumper

        Country: United States of America

        Sport: Show Jumping


        Derek Braun

        American Show Jumper

        Country: United States of America

        Sport: Show Jumping